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Below are the new regulations for envelopes and posting mail as required by Pos Malaysia Berhad. Pos Malaysia has implemented a new reclassification of mail products system since 1 January 2006.

Standard Letter

Letters are now classified into two categories:

  • Standard Letter
  • Non-Standard Letter

Standard Mail


Maximum weight - 50 g


90 - 165 mm (H) x 140 - 250 mm (W)
The width of the mail must be equal or more than the height of the mail.


Minimum thickness - 0.25 mm
Maximum thickness - 6 mm

Envelope & Colour
  • White colour
    This is the standard colour and most preferred one. Its contrast against black/blue ink allows the address to be seen clearly.
  • Soft colours
    Soft colours are allowed as long as the address can be seen clearly.
  • Envelope
    Address must be seen clearly. Envelope must be sealed. Do not use staples or metal clips to seal the envelope close.
Clearance Zone

Size of blank space at envelope's base to print bar codes - 15 mm

Postage Rate

Category Weight Step Rate of Postage (RM)
Standard letter Up to 20 g 0.30
Above 20 g - 50 g 0.40

Standard Mail Format

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